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FTC Disclosure

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 8:40pm | by monicadear


- ("The Company") has long-term relationships with people and companies in our client and partner base. These relationships typically arise through past positions, books and articles, social networking connections, consulting, mentoring and training, and professional reference work. The Company may receive compensation for consulting work for companies that we publish in our editorial and review pages.

- Company representatives attend industry conferences and events, where attendees may acquire promotional items, including but not limited to pens, t-shirts, pins, and other items inscribed with company logos or mottos. Attendees may also visit events where companies provide food, drinks, and product samples. Some companies may provide travel or housing assistance for such events.

- Website members have access to product beta versions or formal beta testing prior to product announcements or service launches from companies in our industry. We may provide preview information as directed by any agreements with those companies.

- The company sometimes receives product samples, review copies of books, and advance copies of CDs, DVDs, and other media in preparation for publication. Any items to be reviewed typically appear in a "reviews" section of our websites. Managing members do not resell products: we may offer them as gifts or donations at our discretion.

- Website income may come from advertising sales, annual fees, ads such as Google Ads, and affiliate links from products where we receive a commission based on every sale. These affiliate links may be embedded within our pages.

-  Managing members, employees, staff and contractors may hold stocks and/or bonds in individual companies and/or funds that we cover in our articles and reviews.

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