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Lessons in Success: #12 Measure what you want to Improve

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:21pm | by monicadear

Measuring a benchmark always improves it. This is *always* true if you’re focused on attaining your goals. Whatever you measure is going to improve: so, if you want to improve, measure the correct number!

What is your correct number to measure? This depends on what matters to you.

For example, if you are focusing on increasing your fitness level, which of these would you measure?

A) how many pounds you have dropped?
or B) how many times you worked out?
or C) your target heart rate ?
or D) the number of steps you’ve taken each day?
or E) all of the above?

The answer to the above depends on your implementation of your health and fitness plan. Some of you might be measuring some other number, like the number of calories you consume each day, or your weight over time.

That said, when you measure something by actually charting it and placing it in a prominent place, you start to put your attention on that measurement and the act that is involved with creating the need for that measurement.

Business owners are very aware of this fact and are constantly checking:
1) profit and loss statements by day, week, month, quarter, and year, as well as
2) balance sheets over time.
Another item to watch is
3) your credit rating or your debt-to-income ration

I would recommend you continue to use a to-do list or a checklist to get your life organized day by day, but I also recommend you implement a checklist that shows you, in graphical format, your progress towards your goals, be they physical, financial, spiritual, health-related, mental, or career-related.

Count everything up and find out what your numbers are telling you!

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