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Lessons in Success: #13 Practice Mindfulness

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:59pm | by monicadear

Practicing mindfulness runs counter to what much of the typical Western go-go-go culture requires.

We run from dawn to dusk, never taking ten deep breaths to focus ourselves, listen to our hearts, and just be within our environment.

I encourage you to practice mindfulness on a regular basis, by instituting a habit of taking ten deep breaths every hour, preferably more. This pause in your day allows you to get in tune with your lungs, with your breath, with your body, and with yourself.

With that kind of mindfulness, we then have the opportunity to listen to what our body and our spirit is telling us: are we uncomfortable? are we thirsty? do we desire a stretching break or a snack?

When we breathe deeply, we connect our physical body with our mind’s eye and our spirit’s yearnings.

When we breathe, we are literally inspirational.

As women in the world, we tend to get wrapped up in a schedule and a harried, almost frenetic pace: we benefit ourselves by taking ten deep breaths and focusing inward so that we may recharge and prioritize the day.

Take ten breaths with me now: Ten. Nine. Eight.

Feel your body relaxing.

Seven. Six. Five.

You are calm and peaceful.

Four. Three. Two. One.

You are refreshed, and you are alert, aware, and fully able.


Breathe like this on a regular basis, and feel yourself becoming more at peace with yourself.


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