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Lessons in Success: #14 Playing Positive Messages

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:18pm | by monicadear

Over the years, I’ve realized that many of the "tapes" that play in our minds are constantly on, and when we want to change our situation, we first address changing the "tape" that runs our subconscious. Our internal tape is what put us into our current situation in the first place --- so to change our situation, we change the tape.

I’ve put together a collection of mantras, or mottos, that you might want to write out, or print out, and use in your own daily life.

I am strong.
I am wise.
I am brave.
I am beautiful.
I take care of myself.
I am responsible.
I value and respect myself.
My thoughts, feelings, words and actions are valuable.

FOR FAMILY: I am contributing positively to my children and partner’s home life. I provide a safe, secure and beneficial environment for my family and extended family. I offer loving and positive affirmations and creatively support my family.

FOR PHYSICAL HEALTH: I honor my body and support my body. I enjoy my body. I take care of my body. I love my body.

FOR NUTRITION: I choose healthy fruits, vegetables, juices, grains, and protein to nourish and support my body. I feel active and energized by my food and drink.

FOR MONEY: I am easily and happily earning $______ net after taxes each year, every year. (double the figure you are currently earning and insert it into the box). My money is a source of joy and pride in my abilities. I take care of my money and my money takes care of me.

FOR PROSPERITY: My life is filled with abundance to share with others. I feel prosperous, happy, and healthy.

FOR RELATIONSHIPS: My relationships with others bring me happiness and health. I feel positive about the people in my daily life and I enjoy taking the time to appreciate those around me.

FOR LEARNING: I constantly feed my mind and spirit with the teachings of wise masters. I read an inspirational or educational book every week.

FOR SHARING: I share of my time, talent, and treasure with my community and those around me.

FOR COMMUNITY: I am part of a vibrant, resourceful, and loving community of individuals, families, and groups.

FOR LEISURE: I take adequate time to nourish my body and senses. I participate in events and activities that I enjoy and that bring me to a more wholesome, healthy life.

FOR WORK AND CAREER: My work is meaningful and brings me joy. I appreciate the opportunity to share my abilities for the betterment of my company, community, and the world.

Do you have some sample positive messages you'd like to replay for yourself?

Tape yourself saying them, write them down, or meditate on these new messages regularly.

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