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Lessons in Success: #15 Persistence + Enthusiasm = Results

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:36pm | by monicadear

How are you feeling? Are you feeling energized? Do you feel like your energy is rising?

This is tip 15 in a series on increasing our skills to focus our energies, and I’m hoping that as you work through the activities each day, you find some more clarity, focus, and attention on what matters MOST to you.

Today, my equation for you to consider is this: P + E = R Persistence + Enthusiasm = RESULTS!!!

Persistence is one of the best ways that you will achieve your success: as you keep at it, and you intensify your actions towards keeping at it, you realize that any obstacles that show up are simply reminders to you about your level of commitment.

"Challenges are well-disguised opportunities," says Carol Williams, who heads the largest African-American-owned media agency in the country. She's built her company into a $400 million marketing firm that helps clients like Cingular Wireless, Allstate Insurance Co., Frito-Lay Inc., and The Proctor & Gamble Co.

She explained that "I have gone over, around, under, and through anything that looked like an obstacle... From the time I was a very young kid, I was inundated with forces that told me what I couldn’t do as a black and as a woman." Williams says: "I love kicking it in the butt."

When we are persistent and we add enthusiasm, the world becomes our playground. Enthusiasm comes from enthousiazein, which means to be inspired, as well as from entheos, "God within".

We are literally abuzz with energy and passion when we exhibit enthusiasm about the task at hand. Our projects turn into exciting opportunities, and each day brings us renewed hope and inspiration. When we're enthusiastic about creating something new, or finding a solution to a problem, or developing an answer to a situation, or meeting the perfect person, or germinating a fantastic idea, we find opportunities and answers everywhere.

Develop your PERSISTENCE, demonstrate ENTHUSIASM, and exult in your RESULTS.


I guarantee that you will find new opportunities opening up around you --- everywhere.

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