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Lessons in Success: #18 Taking Care of Ourselves

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:19pm | by monicadear

Some of us are caring for neighbors, co-workers, cousins, grandchildren, and extended family. Women in business care for employees and employees’ families, as well as clients, customers, vendors, and associates. Women in education care for students and students’ families. Women in government care for entire municipalities, states, and national policy.

Are we caring for ourselves as much as we care for others?

  • Do we feel energized, happy, and upbeat?
  • Do we rise with the new day with a feeling of expectation and awareness?
  • Do we retire at night with a sense of renewed purpose and joy in the day?
  • When we take care of ourselves, we give our body, mind, and spirit as much attention as we give to others.

We care for ourselves and we venerate the gift of life within us. We care for ourselves, and we have plenty of resources left over to care for others. We respect ourselves, and we have renewed emotional stamina to respect others. We honor our body as the dwelling place for our soul, and we identify and maintain the physical needs of others. I encourage you to give yourself one of the following gifts this week:

1) Pamper yourself: get a massage, a pedicure, or a warm bath.

2) Follow your dream: identify some part of your potential that you'd like to explore more this year.

3) Pursue your goals: schedule some time into your calendar to pay attention to your own goals and your own desires.

4) Nourish yourself: prepare a delightful snack or visit a nice, comfortable restaurant and indulge yourself with a healthy, enjoyable meal

5) Appreciate yourself: treat yourself to a gift that stirs your senses, perhaps a new CD or a book, a trip to the opera, or a visit to the cinema or the local playhouse, or a weekend trip to a new place. Do something that you would love someone to do for you.

When we care for our own needs, we have so much more inner energy available to care for the needs of others with a positive and energetic attitude. Take some time to care for yourself. You deserve the same care that you offer to a dear friend, a lover, or a child. Treat yourself well, and your ability to treat others well will flourish. I encourage you to care for yourself and know that you are worthy, you have self-respect, and you are willing to make the choices that create a better, more successful, happier and healthier life for yourself and for others.

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