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Lessons in Success: #20 Creating Extraordinary Meaning out of the Ordinary

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 9:04pm | by monicadear

As human beings, we tend to forget our memories, victories, or happy times unless they are physically present in some form.

For example, when we place photos of our loved ones in prominent places, we are constantly reminded of our relationships with them. When we look at a ring or other piece of treasured jewelry, we are always reminded of how that piece came into our life.

Each time you engage in a project, or a goal, or a success, or an experience that is meaningful to you -- truly meaningful -- keep a reminder of it somewhere prominent, such as an altar in your home, or in your entryway, or in your living room.

The item that comes to you might be something you find, or something you purchase, or something that is given to you, but it must be something that is very special to you, and that, everytime you see it, brings you happiness, joy, peace, a greater sense of self-worth and self-respect, and an elevated sense of caring for others.

  • If you appreciate things through physical touch, this might be a painting, or a photograph, a sculpture, a crystal, a plant, a collection of rocks, or an heirloom collectible.
  • If you appreciate the world through visual learning, this might be a book, a series of notes or cards, or a beautiful calligraphied or embroidered piece in a frame.
  • If you appreciate and find meaning through listening, this might be your piano, or your CD collection that is always on, or a seashell that you can hear the ocean through, or an instrument, or a music box that plays a familiar tune… something that brings you great joy through hearing the sound of it.

I'm sure you can find other ways to symbolize your feelings about the particular experience: personalize it.

Make sure you absolutely love what this item represents to you. When you embody that attribute into something physical that you always see, you will always be reminded of what that item means to you, and it will become part of a positive feedback loop that consistently plays in your life.

As an example, when I first started creating goals, I said to myself I wanted a ring to symbolize my happiness and commitment to my work, and my success. I even wrote down what kind of ring I wanted:

"a green Canadian 2K D color Internally Flawless Super Ideal platinum comfort fit diamond ring"

Over time, my perception of what kind of jewelry I wanted, and what I wanted my ring to symbolize, came more clear to me. I was fortunate to find a jeweler that specializes in sustainable jewelry, and I was able to learn more -- and meditate on -- the importance of purchasing sustainable, ethical jewelry, that I was able to feel good about, and which means something to me.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and I invite you to make your visions and dreams into tangible realities, one step at a time.

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