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Lessons in Success: #22 Create Systems that Support You

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 9:07pm | by monicadear

The author of Getting Things Done, David Allen, encourages us to use systems that work *for* us.

Put it this way: we are the sum of all of our existing habits and ways of thinking: our system is getting us our current results.

If we want to change where we are, we must support that change by changing our systems.

This may mean the following:

In relationships: Keeping track of who we spend time with and dropping the 10% of people who are not supportive to our goals.

In health: Integrating new and better lifestyle choices into our daily routine. Walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Pack a lunch instead of choosing fried food. Exercise 45 minutes a day instead of watching television.

In your finances: Using the "envelope" system to keep track of financial freedom money, rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, gas, fun money, education money, and emergency money.

In study: Setting aside -- literally blocking off -- the hour or two that it takes to go over each of your items, and focusing on that one course.

In meditation: Calendaring the times in the day when we take a break to breathe and meditate --- and sticking to that time!

In the home: Using jars, folders, containers, and caddies to organize our stuff. Decluttering by giving away nonessential items. Having a monthly House Day where we maintain our house and care for our home environment.

In business: Developing ongoing data tracking and customer support systems to make it easier and better to take care of new and existing clients.

At your desk: Putting specific days on your calendar to clear out clutter, file, and make sure items are being addressed in a timely fashion.

For your vehicle: Taking care of maintenance, oil changes, and engine tuneups as needed.

When the systems that we start to put into place become habits (it takes over 15 times of doing something consistently to make it a habit), we become the sum of those new habits.

These next three months, set up a system that will support you this year in an area of your choice, and stick with it! You will be pleased with the results.

Next, every three months, add an additional system that supports a different area of your behavior. You will soon be thrilled with the productivity, prosperity, happiness and health in your daily experience.

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