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Lessons in Success: #25 Cultivate Others through Mentoring

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 9:11pm | by monicadear


When we mentor others, we in fact increase our own abilities, because we need to explain, enlighten, process, and understand our own experience in order to share our experiences with others.

For example, a math teacher truly understands a theorem when the teacher is able to teach a student the thinking behind that theorem. In the same way, when you mentor another person, you impart your knowledge and training to that person: you help them learn lessons in a quicker, more efficient way… the same mistake doesn’t *need* to be repeated twice ;-)

The very word "educare" means "to rear," meaning we are rearing the next generation's minds, spirits, consciences, and beliefs when we model for them what we have learned.

Make sure that your words and actions during the mentoring process are true to your core beliefs: you will learn something about yourself and you will be able to cultivate another person's self-development when you actively monitor, care for, and mentor someone else.

To get involved with a mentoring program, choose a local business development group in your community, or ask around for a youth group such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, or a community group such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.



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