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Lessons in Success: #28 Surprise Yourself

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 9:15pm | by monicadear


So many of our days are a simple continuation, in a never-ending loop, of our previous days, weeks, and months. When we focus on a particular area, like our health, our finances, our personal relationships, or our career, we start to see how small, incremental changes magnify into larger, lifechanging events.

You'll be surprised at what is possible!

For example, about ten years ago, I started to become more thoughtful about the kind of life I wanted to lead, the kinds of people I wanted to be with, the kinds of activities that engaged my daily life, and the values and beliefs I wanted to put into practice. I wanted to live life, not have life "happen" to me.

I wrote down my goals into a series of notecards and held these close to me for many years. Each successive year brought a slight change in my situation that nudged me closer to those goals: In year one, I married my loving husband. The next year we had our first child. The next year we purchased our first home together. The next year, we started a business together. A few years after that, we published our first books and had our second child. Now that our business has grown, we're able to pursue those projects which make the most sense to us and which bring us greater happiness and a greater sense of accomplishment, individually and as a team. 

I'm amazed and so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, and I'm surprised at how the small changes turned into big changes over time.

Any one of your life transitions may be overwhelming if it happens all at once. However, over time, your life becomes a masterpiece, through the natural progression of one brushstroke at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time.

I'm totally surprised and yet thrilled that most of the goals I wrote down on those notecards have come true, and now I'm considering my goals for the next few decades and realizing that anything I truly belive, I will achieve.

Everything we do builds on the work we've taken on in the past. We are the sum total of our choices.

So, when we are planning for greater success now and in the future, let's make choices that nudge us towards greater responsibility, higher levels of service, a more authentic sense of who we are, and a closer feeling of our purpose in life. If we're still alive, we’re still working on that life purpose, so every day is another work of art.

Surprise yourself. Perhaps something inside of you is telling you the next step to take. Follow that voice if it leads you to a more holistic and healthy approach to your life.

With your unique talents and gifts, you'll contribute in your own special way to your home, your family and friends, your community, and your city, state, and country.

Together, all of us are creating a better world. Let's surprise ourselves. Shine your light!

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