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Lessons in Success: #30 Celebrate

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 9:17pm | by monicadear


Let's celebrate!

Nell Merlino, founder of the Make Mine a $Million project, always encourages women to celebrate our successes, and she encourages us to truly celebrate, to truly mark a passage of time, and to do so before other things come in like paying the bills, taking care of business, minding the children, and letting a special moment pass.


We deserve to celebrate: we deserve to be thankful and to be thoughtful and to honor our lives.

So let's celebrate today.

Plan a celebration to toast your achievements and those of others, to express gratitude and appreciation for your relationships at home and at work, and to be joyful in life.


Things to celebrate include:


  • a "first"
  • a "final"
  • a transition
  • an anniversary
  • a blossoming
  • a harvest
  • an idea made into a reality



You might celebrate with cake and ice cream, or with a candle lit, or a toast with champagne.

You might celebrate with a silent thank you or with a big bash.

Whichever type of celebration, plan it and do it with glory, honor, thanks, and praise.

Celebrate today and the gifts of your life and of your achievements.


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