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Lessons in Success: #5 Assembling your Dreamboard

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 10:14pm | by monicadear

A physical manifestation of your idea is necessary to remind your subconscious and to give your brain some active image to focus on, so go ahead and take your list of basic desires from our last exercise and search for some images to print, color, design, or cut out and tack onto a board next to that original list.

For example, if an item on your Basics list is to travel, find a picture of a particular place that you’d like to travel to and use it. is a good place to start, as is Wikimedia or

Print out the photo, put it on your computer desktop, or find a place to post it prominently.

If you are looking for a particular object, such as a new car or a dream house, find an actual representation of it and post it prominently. Imagine yourself actually using that item. Taste, touch, smell, feel, and believe in the reality of that vision… this is the best way to get your mind thinking that it is a reality, so when the reality arrives, you will feel comfortable in that reality. What happens is your eyes will perceive this item and know that this is a reality (because there is a real item attached to that dream), and then the brain, even at a very deep level, will believe that this is a possibility and will grow to expect it.

What we are in the midst of doing is creating a physical, manifested reality that supports your internal, thinking reality. (some people call it “fake it till you make it”).

Assemble your dreamboard of pictures, images, drawings, or mementos that remind you of your “basics” list.

Keep it posted prominently! As it grows or changes over time, you have it in a place where your eyes will see it and your brain will register it, so keep it out and keep it active!!

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