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Lessons in Success: #7 Continuous Learning

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 8:53pm | by monicadear

We are blessed with the ability to continue learning, even until late in life. Learning may happen through continuous education, through reading books, and through expanding our experiences.

If you are taking a class or a seminar on an ongoing basis, good for you! If you have always wanted to learn something new, then visit the local community college, adult school, or continuing education division of the school near you. There may be night classes, weekend classes, or a lab or seminar at a time that fits you. You might also check your alumni of your school to see if they run summer school or vacation learning expeditions.

The list of possibilities is endless: you might want to study Literature or Organic Gardening or Exercise Physiology, or Zoology or Watercolor, or almost any other topic. If there is no school nearby, do a search on Open Course Ware or distance learning programs. Some professors also post streaming podcasts of their lectures online.

Reading is also a wonderful key to a world of knowledge beyond our current experience. Try to read at least one book every two weeks: you can check them out at the library or start a book exchange within your Postitive Friendship Circle.

You also learn from expanding your current set of experiences. Every time you stretch your comfort zone a little, your brain gets a great workout. For example, by attending a concert or play that you haven’t seen, or by trying some new cuisine, or going to an event that you wouldn’t usually go to, you have the opportunity to fire some more neurons and make some additional connections.

Use these opportunities to increase your ability to learn: your life will be a continuous opportunity to grow your knowledge base.

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