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Practice a Different Reaction to your Situation

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

So many times, our brain gets into this "groove" where we only respond a certain way to a certain situation.

For example, we feel bored when we step onto the subway, or we feel helpless when we read the news, or we feel sad when we see an ex-boyfriend.

How about we mix up the different feelings and give our brain some additional ways to process emotions? How about we feel overjoyed when we get on the subway or start our morning commute? Let's feel curious when we read the news. Let's rejoice when we see an ex-boyfriend. 

We condition ourselves to behave a certain way -- so we can choose to change our behavior. We expect a certain behavior because our routine sets us up to react the same way, every time. In fact, much of our lives are a repeat of one day after another.

When we mix up our reactions, we get into a space where we open up our feelings. We give ourselves an opportunity to practice different emotions. We shake up the pre-programmed pathways in our brains, and we exercise our free thinking and free will.

Practice feeling something different or unexpected in a situation that currently makes you feel sad, angry, depressed, or hopeless. You will shake yourself up enough to interact with the world in a delightfully open and fresh new way.

Did you burn the toast? Weep huge tears.

Did somebody scold you or say something mean?  Laugh like you've never laughed before.

Did you mess up, trip, or say something wrong? Hug the person you offended.

Did somebody wrong you? Forgive them.

I guarantee you will see some new possibilities open up in your life and your overall attitude when you move beyond your pre-established behavioral patterns.

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