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Thirty Steps to Starting your Green Business, E-version Download

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 7:59pm | by monicadear


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Thirty straightforward, easy-to-use tips in this book guide you through the startup phase of building a green business and building a thriving, sustainable, eco-friendly, 21st-century company.

Eight chapters from a green businesswoman focus on helping you plan, launch, and grow your green business.

Our shared planet benefits when you create more organic, fair trade, and holistic solutions.

Use these tips to help you get organized, focus on the basics, build your infrastructure, increase your customer base, interact online, review your data, refine your process, and maintain your course.

Find additional information on green metrics, sustainable practices, long-term sustainability, and a resource list.

110 pages, 5" x 8"  trade paperback available at Amazon:

Originally created as part of the business series for The Green Girls, a community devoted to inspiring an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Getting Organized

  • A Green Business: Is it Right for You?
  • One Hundred and One Green Business Ideas: Creative and Consciously Successful
  • Step 1. Prioritizing
  • Step 2. Creating a Timeline
  • Step 3. Budgeting
  • Step 4. Planning
  • Step 5. Building Relationships

Section 2: Focusing on Basics

  • Step 6: Fine-tuning your Mission
  • Step 7: Developing your Keywords
  • Step 8: Finding Customers

Section 3: Building Infrastructure

  • Step 9: Creating your Website
  • Step 10: Committing to Success
  • Step 11: Incorporating
  • Step 12: Getting Licensed
  • Step 13: Filling out the Checklist
  • Step 14: Accounting Basics
  • Step 15: The Numbers
  • Step 16: Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
  • Step 17: Taxes

Section 4: Increasing your Customer Base

  • Step 18: Speaking and Presenting
  • Step 19: Meeting People
  • Step 20: Helping Others

Section 5: Interacting Online

  • Step 21: Social Networking
  • Step 22: Blogging
  • Step 23: Making it Members-only
  • Step 24: E-mailing

Section 6: Reviewing your Data

  • Step 25: Tracking Data
  • Step 26: Reviewing Reports

Section 7: Refining your Process

  • Step 27: Managing Business Processes
  • Step 28: Automating Systems
  • Step 29: Refining your Model

Section 8: Maintaining Course

  • Step 30: Keeping a Focus on your Customers
  • Sample Green Metrics: Tracking your Green Efforts
  • Goal Setting: Setting Attainable Goals
  • Building your Team: Finding the Right People
  • Thriving: Strategies for Success
  • Old School versus New School: Finding Green Alternatives
  • Staying in Business: Envision your Success
  • Five Final Principles: Succeed with your Green Business
  • Making Connections: Meet with Green Business Women

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