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Thu, 11/15/2012 - 11:36am | by monicadear

We believe in the following Seven Pillars, and we do our very best to abide by these values as we move forward.

"We are all creative, resourceful, and whole." - Coach Rob Seidenspinner


1) Create a Compassionate World

We are all unique, powerful individuals --- we each have thoughts and feelings --- we each act in an interconnected web. With more compassion, we understand one another more. This is a compassionate community. We are compassionate individuals.

2) Practice Honesty

Sometimes the honest truth is painful but illuminating. We strive to be truthful with ourselves and with others. We document and share the journey - together --- and we share with as much honesty as possible.

3) Integrity in Action

Women succeed when we keep our word, when we work to create meaningful, empowered relationships, when we practice self-respect and respect for others, and when we foster integrity in our personal and professional relationships. We pledge to remain consistent, genuine, and truthful in our development, as a whole group and as individual members.

4) Creating Community

We believe that people work best in a spirit of community, and we strive to encourage member participation and member growth. Success in today's interconnected, global village requires strong bonds in our relationships with each other, constant growth from entry-level to retirement, and the spirit of sharing. We are all connected.

5) Growth through Challenge

Through our focus on action and measurable results, we encourage members to fully express their unique gifts and talents. We share information, market support, new ideas, and methods as a way to support each other's personal growth.

6) Sustainability

We are committed to environmental sustainability. We take the following actions (this is our report card):

  • Paper: We do the majority of our work online, and we deliver files electronically. When we use paper it is at least 30% post-consumer recycled and nonchlorinated.
  • Gas and Electricity: We use fluorescent bulbs, turn off lights when not in use, and purchase energy-efficient appliances.
  • Food Waste: We compost all organic matter and food waste. For company functions we use sustainable utensils, cups, and plates sourced from corn or potato.
  • Women and Minorities: We hire women and minorities and are always seeking partners who are green certified.
  • Community-oriented: Our founders donate significant amounts to charities and we annually offer pro bono services to non-profits that share our mission. We offer a Kiva Team to provide micro-lending to women entrepreneurs around the world.


7) Social Responsibility

The ability to be engaged with our communities is a gift, an opportunity, and a responsibility. We donate pro bono time and expertise to causes we support, and we encourage you to do so, too.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to supporting you in your goals and aspirations.

Monica S. Flores, Founder

Helen Hoart, Editor-in-Chief

A Successful Woman

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