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Our Failures

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to fail --- sometimes to fail miserably. Here's a safe space for you to submit your own failure. It's anonymous, feel free to tell all.

Submit your failure.

I started my internship after i finished my collage however I got rejected because i'm not fast learner person.

i finished my college three years ago and I started to go for internship however, I got rejected so far. i even went to training school to get some help it did not help to find the job at all or learn the skills i need for my job. now i think I'm failure and I worked so hard to get here but I do not know how to finished my education and get the job i have worked so hard for it.

I have no idea on what to do in my life yet, wonderful enough I like studying and I perform in my education very good. i don't know what should I do to be a strong woman and a successful one.

 i found out when I realized that i have so many plans that I can not achieve them all. Therefore even a single plan was a problem to me because I don't have either support or I am lazy or otherwise I don't have techniques and also knowledge on what I should do.

I feel pretty badly about being laid-off

Part of me is feeing insecure about not having a job, and I feel like there were many things that could have happened differently, and I would still be there. But I have to find another job, and I'm sure that I'll find something soon. 

$42,000 in debt!

We had $42,000 in credit card debt -- some of it at huge interest rates like 22.5%. So ridiculous! I had to organize with a credit counseling service and it took 4 years to get everything paid down. 

When I really wanted things to work out with my boyfriend...

I really wanted things to work out with the man I was seeing at the time.... (this was in college) 

It didn't work out: I got a cold shoulder, instructions to "never see or speak to him again" and that was that.



I think what I learned from this is that certain people are meant to be in your life, and others are not meant to be in your life!

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