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Mon, 11/04/2013 - 9:59pm | by monicadear

We support you in your success. The more you convert your dreams into reality, believe in your abilities, achieve your goals, and connect with other members, the stronger our community of success-oriented women becomes.

What is Set Your Own Price?

As part of our belief in your abilities, and in the belief that the world is an abundant place filled with all the resources you need, we offer digital versions of our popular resource books, at a "set your own price" option.

  1. We believe that the exchange of money is just one form of energy transfer. 
    Communication, listening, caring, and acting - these are all ways to exchange energy.
    Share your unique energy with your community.
    We have many tips and tools for you within these resources.
  2. We believe that we each have so much to offer.
    You have your gifts, talents, and tenaciousness.
    You offer your drive, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, and your caring.
    You are abundant in an entrepreneurial spirit and you believe that you make a difference.
  3. We believe what goes around, comes around.
    When you "set your own price" for any of our resources, we simply ask this: pay it forward. When you are in a position to lend a helping hand to another success-oriented woman, please do so.


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