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    Jennifer Thayer
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    Mike Roberts
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    Eileen Sterrett
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    Anna Johansson
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    Jessica Watts
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    1 year 4 weeks

    My name is Jennifer Parker and my passion is in home living (design, decor, remodeling, DIY, crafts). I own a blog in the home live, design, and decor niches. I also do freelance writing and blogging for Floor and Decor. You could say I'm pretty handy to have around the house. I am always changing and improving my home for the two beautiful children and my sweetheart of a husband. My motivation is my family and I wouldn't have any other way.

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    Guest Author
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    Nicole Tavares
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    1 year 32 weeks

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    1 year 39 weeks

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    Nancy Parker
    1 year 39 weeks

    Freelance writer

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    Jessica Edmondson
    1 year 49 weeks

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    2 years 5 days

    Erica is a copywriter for the lead generation company Business.com. She focuses on topics such as business planning, social media trends and marketing strategies.

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    Alexis Bonari
    2 years 2 weeks

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    2 years 4 weeks

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    Helen Hoart
    2 years 12 weeks

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    Jonathan Bender
    2 years 14 weeks

    Jonathan Bender has empowered thousands of heart-based entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic practitioners, and healers with a big mission to light up the world and change more lives. A life-long theater director, performer, writer and public speaker, with two graduate degrees in communication and performance, he persisted in searching for the most powerful – and the simplest – techniques that would help both himself and his clients. As a coach for the past 15 years, Jonathan combines cutting-edge performance training (acting, voice, and movement) with speaking technique and personal and spiritual growth. With these, he helps you show up as the True You, organically attracting your dream clients and moving audiences both small and large. The founder of WholeSpeak and Conscious Business Bay Area, he is an in-demand presenter on how to be a powerful speaker and presence in the world.

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    Shannen Doherty
    2 years 16 weeks

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    Kerri Hartnett
    2 years 16 weeks

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    2 years 16 weeks

    Guest Blogging Network

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    Marissa Krause
    2 years 16 weeks

    Marissa Krause is a stay at home mom, entrepreneur and has received her Masters of Science in leadership degree.

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    Richard B
    2 years 16 weeks

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    2 years 16 weeks

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    Kate Croston
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