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Visionboard: Legacy
Visionboard #16: Legacy

When all is said and done, one's life is just the briefest of time on the earth. We have only a fixed amount of time on the planet to do the work we are here to do.

I truly feel like every day I strive to use my existing gifts and talents as well as I can, in the...

Visionboard: Mystery
Visionboard #14: Mystery

I took this picture on a little prop plane above Nazca in Peru. Since I was little, I had wanted to visit the Nazca lines, and when I had the opportunity in my 20s, I jumped at the chance. The lines are completely powerful and overwhelming - there are designs of a monkey...

Visionboard: Hope
Visionboard #13: Hope

I love this image of a 4-leafed clover that we found in our backyard and stored in a jar of water on our kitchen counter for a few days.

Sometimes in my life, I've not had hope. Other times, I've had to live by it.

Having hope means believing you have an...

Visionboard #12: The River of Life

This visionboard relates to the idea that life continually moves forward, like a river. You can't "freeze" or stop a river, you merely go into it and let it carry you forward.

You can choose to paddle in a particular direction, if you're in a boat.

Visionboard: Trust the Universe
Visionboard #10: Trust the Universe

One of my favorite meditations is the idea that each of us are simply manifestations of the Universe, and so every experience that we go through, no matter how difficult and terrifying, is still a way for us to learn, expand, grow, and increase our self-knowledge.

Daily Gratitude - Flower
Visionboard #4: Daily Gratitude

I chose to put the idea of "Gratitude" very early on in my visionboard listing, so I always see it and it's always at the forefront.

In terms of my ability to incorporate that into my life, I feel like it has been a long journey...

Visionboard: Earth - I am Here
Visionboard #3: Earth - I am Here

I have always been concerned with the environment - in high school my dear friend and I started the "Ecology Club" and from the example of my mother I've done my best to compost, recycle, reuse, and reduce, and to generally consume less stuff...

Visionboard: Be The Change
Visionboard #1: Be the Change

I'll be going through my different slides in my personal visionboard, and explaining why I've chosen to focus on that particular aspect of my desired reality.

The visionboard is long (111 slides!) so I encourage you to take whatever lessons you learn...

Lessons in Success: #5 Assembling your Dreamboard

A physical manifestation of your idea is necessary to remind your subconscious and to give your brain some active image to focus on, so go ahead and take your list of basic desires from our last exercise and...

Women on Phone
Talking about Dreams

Dreams are really the only thing that motivates us — meaning, it is our unconscious, subconscious belief of how the world works that will impact our daily reality.

If you, in your most wildest dreams, believe that you are capable of doing and achieving your...