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  • Green Kid Crafts - a Mompreneur's Story


    Hello, I’m Penny Bauder, the owner of Green Kid Crafts, an e-commerce company designed to become a market leader in subscription-based services that produce and deliver activities for kids. Like so many children...

  • Tax Incentives to Help Your Business Go Green

    You probably have a lot of personal incentives to make your business eco-friendly.  Likely you live and work in a beautiful community that you would like to preserve, not only for yourself and the customers that support you, but also for future generations of residents, including your children...

  • 7 simple suggestions to 'green up' your wedding day, a real story from an Ann Arbor couple

    Did you know that an Ann Arbor couple 'greened' up their wedding and you simply could do it too?
    It was in August 2010, the Ann Arbor couple (Engel and Dyer) were married in a "green" outdoor wedding ceremony and reception near the Huron River fit to pay homage to their shared...

  • Top Twelve Things to Know -- For Green Businesswomen


    The beauty of our marketplace today is we can always find a green option. Let's choose the sustainable or eco-friendly option over the mainstream version. 

    Here are top twelve things that I think all green women in business know. Give yourself one point for each item you...

  • 101 Green Business Ideas

    "Green" businesses that incorporate sustainability, recycling, energy efficiency, a focus on reusable materials, and eco-friendly practices are growing.

    Here is a quick list of 101 green business ideas.
    (originally published at

  • Twelve Ways to Take Care of your Planet

    It's Blog Action Day, and as part of a nationwide movement to encourage the discussion on Climate Change, here are some easy ways you can take care of your "kuleana" (Hawaiian for responsibility).


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