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  • Who Says your Life has to be a Certain Way?

    There are many who tell you that your life has to fulfill a certain path, namely:

    1) Graduate from high school.

    2) Earn a college degree.

    3) Get a good job.

    4) Get married.

    5) Get a house.

    6) Have your child.

    7) Move to a larger...

  • Making a Difference with your Money

    Money is an expression of our energy, and the way it flows in and out of our life is indicative of our values.

    How does money come into your life? Usually, it enters through:

    • your earnings through your workplace
    • investments and dividends
    • rents and...

  • What is Your Personal Mission Statement?

    It's time for us to reassess where you are in terms of your overall sense of purpose and mission. If you are in business or thinking of starting up a business, now is an excellent time to incorporate your personal values statement into the inner workings of your business....

  • Values

    We believe in the following Seven Pillars, and we do our very best to abide by these values as we move forward.

    "We are all creative, resourceful, and whole." - Coach Rob Seidenspinner


    1) Create a Compassionate World


  • Achieve

    What is it that is on your list of achievements? What would you like to achieve within your lifetime?

    This space shares the achievements of our members.

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