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a rose by any other name
How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your New Business

Your new business is your baby, and as such you really want to make sure you pick out just the right name for it. A new business is a blank slate of possibility, and it's a great way for you to really express yourself and what you're all about, if that's...

Grand Opening, by marco1019
Seven Steps to Setting up your Retail Store

Are you ready to make the leap and create your own retail environment? If so, it's time to put in place your plan. Do you have an existing craft or hobby you'd like to find new customers for? Do you have an online business that you want to put into a popup...

Tree, by joiseyshowaa
Deciding Whether to Start a Business

For many in the marketplace, the prospect of starting up a business is appealing. Want to work for yourself, call the shots, be the big boss, set your own prices?

Here are some questions to ask as you go through the pre-evaluation process.


Make your Passion into a Reality - Crowdfund your Green Project through GreenFunder.com

If you have an idea for a green business, and you have a relatively stable plan and a good sense of how to reach your customers or clients, then consider using GreenFunder http://www.greenfunder.com to raise the...

Top Ten Steps to Building your Business

My partner and I started our web design company with two Mac laptops, a burning drive and passion for connecting people to the Web, and our personal address books.

We were determined to focus on our core...

Business Infrastructure - for Beginners

Are you self-employed? just starting out? Are you with a startup? Thinking about freelancing? Doing your own thing "on the side"? Recently laid-off and need a product or service up and running in the next thirty days? You're in business, ladies. Let's figure out your...