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  • Data Center Systems: Is It Time for a Power Density Facelift?

    Many businesses that traditionally ran their own in-house data centers now outsource to the cloud to save on costs. Some businesses are still holdouts, though. Among other problems with cloud-based data centers, they point to the security issues involved in handing over sensitive data to a...

  • Forward Focus: It's High Time You Updated Your Tired Old Marketing Strategies

    Years ago online marketing was not the highly meticulous and noisy industry it once was.  There was a time when a mixture of paid advertising and light search engine optimization helped services and products rank well.  Little time and investment was needed to attract a few links and big jumps...

  • Managing Your Time Effectively


    Whether you split your time working in an office and caring for a family in your off-time, you work from home in order to raise your kids while bringing in a second income, or you are focusing on your career now so that you can plan for a family down the road, you may have...

  • Successful Time Management, in 7 Steps

    These are my recommended steps toward successful time management:

    1) Keep yourself on time
    Use a watch and calendar to schedule your day!

    2) Prioritize
    Priority A items go first.

    3) Focus on one thing at a time...

  • The Importance of Being on Time and Meeting Deadlines in Business

    As a working woman you need to set yourself ahead of the curve in terms of professionalism. Having employers and clients taking you seriously is the first step to moving up the corporate ladder and achieving the success you desire. Getting your reputation to that standard is not an easy task,...

  • How much Money will you make by this time next year?

    Just for fun, name your price.

    How much money do you desire (as a combination of salary, rents, royalties, and/or dividends) by this time next year?

    Be honest.

    What can you handle?

    What do you know you have the ability to...

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