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Women in Leadership Roles: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Good

There are more women in the workplace than ever, and that means more women will compete for executive and managerial leadership roles along with their male counterparts.  Although women are finding it easier to open more doors, once they get there, it can be...

Staying ahead in business: A look at the latest fashion trends for women in business

How you present yourself and what you choose to wear says a lot about you as a woman in business and also makes a statement about the business you run.

Women who present themselves well from a sartorial elegance point of view will often enjoy that...

Tips for Improving Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Due to the economic challenges in the workplace, sometimes we're so focused on what needs to be improved, that we don't take a moment or two to acknowledge some of the progress that has already (and is consistently) taking place.

Take workplace...

Pin It to Win It

Social media newcomer Pinterest has stolen the spotlight when it comes to online marketing. One early 2012 report from Shareaholic indicated that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than...

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What to do when Business Finance is tight?


Is it wrong of us women to expect the same as men when it comes to business: same rights, same pay and same respect? Well of course it isn’t. But the problem is that we are still waiting for society to catch up with modern day women. Those CEO...

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Writing, Women, and Balance


Writing, Women, and Balance

Balance is something we all strive for. Balance between our work life and our free time, balance between family and friends, or just balance...

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Digital Entrepreneurship

As women outnumber male college graduates and enter the workforce, they’re finding new ways to make their mark on the business world. And the rise of technology in both education and...

Great Holiday Gifts for Successful Women

The holidays draw ever nearer, and as the big day approaches, mind racing, you think back to last year and how successful you were with your gift giving.  You’ve got a wonderful, successful woman on your hands, and she deserves the best. ...

Women in Science
Women in Business

Women are leading men when it comes to enrolling in college. The gender gap in higher education flipped a few years ago. As of 2010, 57% of college students are female, while just 43%...

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4 Tips for Women who Desire a Leadership Role in the Workplace

Several studies have shown that, for whatever reason, there are not as many women assuming leadership roles in the workforce. There are many possible explanations for this gap between men and women in positions of authority, but nothing is conclusive. What is sure is...

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How to Command Respect

We all know people that we would describe as natural leaders. These people don’t even have to speak, yet they still command our attention. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be born a leader and not all of us naturally exude confidence and authority. Is...

Recruiting the Best and Brightest Women for Your Organization

These days there are more women than men entering colleges and universities, which means that businesses that want to move into the future need to start thinking about how they can recruit these qualified candidates.  In addition to filling a quota in the...

Best Careers for Women in Math and Science

Women seeking jobs in math and science are finding high success rates for specialty occupations requiring technical and analytical skills. The fields of math and science are attracting more women each year as the number of female candidates applying for careers in...

Joining Clubs for Career Women: A Great Way to Network

Have you ever noticed that as an adult you have a much harder time meeting new people (especially other women)?  For one thing, you simply aren’t exposed to as many new people in your daily life as you were during your school days.  But even beyond that...

Workplace Equality: Laws Women Should Know About

We all know that America is a land of freedom in which all people are guaranteed equality, regardless of gender, race, religion, and so on.  But while this ideal permeates our society, it’s not always so easy to live up to.  People have their own...

5 Empowering Movies for Women

It’s not easy to find strong female role models on the silver screen.  For time immemorial, women have been portrayed as one stereotype or another (the damsel in distress, the femme fatale, the bookish librarian, and so on).  It’s rare to find a...

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7 simple suggestions to 'green up' your wedding day, a real story from an Ann Arbor couple

Did you know that an Ann Arbor couple 'greened' up their wedding and you simply could do it too?
It was in August 2010, the Ann Arbor couple (Engel and Dyer) were married in a "green" outdoor wedding ceremony and reception near...

Unity within diversity
Twenty Ways to Integrate Diversity into your Company Culture


Are you having people-related issues in your workplace? Do you know if you're having issues or not?

If you are in a position to make policy: find out the issues and their underlying causes, and create more inclusive...

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Staying Comfortable? Not if you want to achieve your dreams!!!!

No one ever achieved greatness by staying comfortable. We all have a comfort zone we love being in. It's nice and safe and we reign supreme. The only problem with it is that to grow and learn and achieve our potential and all that we can become, we...