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Identifying your Core Activities

How does your day flow? Where does your time go? Are you aware of how much time you are spending doing which tasks?

A typical day for me consists of my five main activities:
1) Thinking, reading
2) Researching and writing
3) Organizing and...

Advice for a Successful Life

Advice for a successful life:

1) Know, at your deepest core, what your life purpose is.

Having knowledge about what you are here to accomplish gives you peace of mind, certainty, and comfort. Your life purpose  guides you...

Why Sell Yourself Short?

Whenever I hear someone saying they charge a certain rate per hour, I cringe. I used to do this as well, until I realized that I was always selling myself short.

When we sell ourselves by the hour, we set up an entire system that rewards time, not quality. Time is...

What do Women Need Most to be Successful?

Here are the top five items I believe women need to be successful:

1) Clarity of purpose

As you go through your journey of achieving and celebrating success, you get closer and closer to a single, clarifying, unifying life mission that...

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How do I make a Difference?


I want the A Successful Woman website to identify, reach, and draw in a powerful, engaging, friendly group of like-minded individuals.


Through the website, we learn things together.

We support each other through doing...

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What is the meaning of goal setting

What are your goals? Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, run a marathon, or raise money for a local charity? Whatever your goals may be you need to ask yourself, how am I going to achieve them?

Many of us say, some day I want to go to...

Follow the Path and Go Straight to your Destination

I'm re-reading some of my favorite books from Paulo Coehlo: this time it's his first novel, "The Pilgrim", which is about his road through the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela.

There is an interesting section when his guide gives him a talking-to, and he...

Succeed by Breaking Your Big Goal into Smaller Chunks

If I told you that you needed to make a million dollars, could you do it? Why or why not?

.... while you're working on the ideas of why or why not, here are some brainstorm ideas to get you started on the "how" --


What's in my Toolkit? The Tools I Personally Use

I'm often asked what kinds of tools I use in my daily work, web development, and writing tasks. Here's a sample of the types of tools and websites I use on a regular basis.

Macbook running Mac OS 10.5.6
Digital Rebel Canon...

Will Smith on Success

I always love to learn from other people, and my coach Rob Seidenspinner of Sage Circle Coaching recently sent me this video of interview clips with Will Smith, the actor and entertainer.

Smith's articulateness and eloquence about his beliefs shows you...

Your Definition of Success

I talk a lot about how to achieve success, but on a greater level, what does success mean to me? What does it mean to you?

A few things are absolutely solid for me:

1) We must each define what success means to us as individuals, families, and...

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Dealing with Rejection

My main thing about rejection is that it happens to all of us, at some point in our lives, so just deal with it.

Rejection happens. It's not about you, it's not a reflection of you, it's not a bad thing, it's not an insult, it...

Blast Off!
What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?
  • Would you ask your boss for a raise?
  • Would you venture out on a new career or start a new business?
  • Would you stop...
Entrepreneurship at an Early Age


Want to start your own business? Get inspiration from this 7-year-old!


This young man started painting at an early age and selling his paintings online [disclosure -- he's my son]....

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Losing Your Job May Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You


By Allison Maslan

You have heard the story many times. What seems to be a tragedy, such as in an illness, job loss or divorce ends up turning to triumph when the person ends up making drastic positive changes through their forced set of...

Business Building: How Much does a Website Cost?

Through my company, I've been working as a web developer since 2004, and I've been coding websites since my first one in 1999, so here are some perspectives on that ongoing question: how much does a...

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How to Engage (and Keep) Your Young Workers - Part 2: Action

The way we’re working is changing, and as painful as the generation gap may feel, you can engage your young workers so that their differences are an asset. Here are four simple guidelines for how to engage your young workers to earn their trust, loyalty, and make...

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #8 Lifelong Learning, Every Day

The root word of education is educare, which means "to rear." When we rear our inner child, we educate ourselves: we raise up our young, immature, selfish self and we use knowledge and experience to become stronger, more aware, and more able to share...

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9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #6 Express Gratitude

There is a beautiful quote attributed to German philosopher Meister Eckhart: "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “Thank You”, that would suffice."

Gratitude uplifts us and keeps us whole. Gratitude puts everything in our...

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #5 Heal your Heart

With your heart light and free, your energy focuses on external issues. With a heavy, hurting heart, your energy turns inward to focus on your internal self. We support, encourage, and love others fully and deeply when we support, encourage, and love ourselves, fully...

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #4 Change your Perceptions to Change your Outcomes

When you consider the future, what do you see? Do you see a specific goal which you are well on your way to achieving? Do you see an uncertain future with no relation to your current day-to-day existence? Do you just see the calendar with days passing, with an...

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #3 Positive Feedback Works!

I read an amazing story by Scott Adams, the creator of popular comic Dilbert, who wrote about his experiences with the Dale Carnegie approach to teaching public speaking. In his public speaking class, the teacher's sole teaching methodology is simple: compliment...

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #2 Match your Exterior World to your Interior World

Deepak Chopra, in his gem of a book "Journey Into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You, has a great quote that I invite you to meditate on. "As you see it right now, your body is the physical picture, in 3-D, of what you are thinking."

9 Steps to Bring you to your Future Self: #1 Intention Creates Reality

In these next posts, we'll lead you through a few thought exercises, just to get your brain limber and to start thinking about your past situation, how you have arrived at your current situation, and how you are moving towards your future situation.


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Staying Comfortable? Not if you want to achieve your dreams!!!!

No one ever achieved greatness by staying comfortable. We all have a comfort zone we love being in. It's nice and safe and we reign supreme. The only problem with it is that to grow and learn and achieve our potential and all that we can become, we...