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5 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

When you head in to meet for a job interview, you want to make the best possible impression. But beyond coming your hair and putting on a clean shirt, what can you really do to make sure...

The Most Revealing Job Interview Questions

If you are someone who has the responsibility of conducting job interviews, this is the perfect article for you. That's because the purpose of it is to equip you with the kinds of questions that can reveal the most when it comes to discerning who would be the best...

Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Fresh Out of College

It's not as hard as it might seem to set yourself up as a prime candidate for employment before you even put on the old cap and gown. Plenty of college graduates (and students nearing graduation) worry needlessly about their post-college career, seeing a vast...

Top 5 Resume Tips for Recent College Graduates

Your cap and gown are packed away in the closet, your new diploma is framed and placed conspicuously on the wall, and now it's time to nail down the job of your dreams. Of course, this is a tough time to be entering the workforce. Jobs are scarce, hiring managers...

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How to get yourself to the top of the list on your next job search

If it’s time find a new job, the age of the internet has made it a lot easier.  But that doesn’t mean you can just jump into your job search without laying the proper foundation.

First, even before you update your resume, do a self-audit....

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Finding a Job through Legal Recruitment

If you're interested in finding a job in the legal world, but you don't want to be a lawyer legal recruitment may be a good pathway.

Legal staff are needed in finance...

Looking for a Job? How to Make Your Résumé Stand Out

Now isn’t exactly the ideal time to be hunting for a job.  With the country sunk in a recession, layoffs ongoing, and more college grads than ever vying for positions, you may have a hard time getting an interview, much less an offer of work. Although your r...

How do you ask People in your Network for help with a job?

You must ask a specific person for specific help, in as specific a manner as possible. Examples of how to be specific:

"You in the green shirt, call 911 and let them know there's a woman with an accident at 5th and Main"