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Being Flexible Enough to Evolve, in Any Situation

Part of our challenge as living, breathing beings is to seek happiness, health, and fulfillment through our daily lives. Wherever you experience obstructions, obstacles, irritations, stressors, or "gray areas," you'll know that you have your highest...

40 Things by 40
Challenge: 40 Things to Accomplish by Age 40

I'm inspired to create a list of 40 things to do by age 40. Some of these items are from my existing visionboard, and some are specific items I'd like to complete.

If on the day of my 40th birthday, all these items are crossed off, I'll be pleased....

Invicta Watches, by Bluedial
Successful Time Management, in 7 Steps

These are my recommended steps toward successful time management:

1) Keep yourself on time
Use a watch and calendar to schedule your day!

2) Prioritize
Priority A items go first.

3) ...

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Your Five-Year Plan - How You're Going to Get Where You Want to Go

You either have a five-year plan, or you don't. It may be written down in great detail, it may be an idea in your mind, or it may be a scrap of paper you carry around in your wallet -- or it may be just something you're interested in right now.


5 Reasons you Should Reward Yourself When you Reach Your Business Goals

Today’s woman goes into business for a variety of reasons: the desire to control her financial destiny, the need for autonomy, or perhaps the belief that her service or product will potentially enhance the current marketplace or make the world a better place....

Is Your Appearance Holding You Back in the Workplace?
  • Have you been passed over for promotion more than once despite the fact that you are doing an adequate (or better) job? 
  • Do you sometimes feel as though you are invisible to your bosses, no matter how much responsibility you take...
Computer Science: Females Included

When you think of female-dominated college majors, computer science isn’t likely to be at the top of your list.  This is largely because associated fields like IT, engineering, programming, and so forth are populated with men.  But the tide may be...

Recruiting the Best and Brightest Women for Your Organization

These days there are more women than men entering colleges and universities, which means that businesses that want to move into the future need to start thinking about how they can recruit these qualified candidates.  In addition to filling a quota in the...

Getting Your Employer to Chip In for a Costly Commute

With the employment line stretching around the proverbial block, more and more people are resorting to taking jobs far from home in order to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, this could make for a pretty hefty fuel expenditure when all is said and done, cutting...

The Importance of Being on Time and Meeting Deadlines in Business

As a working woman you need to set yourself ahead of the curve in terms of professionalism. Having employers and clients taking you seriously is the first step to moving up the corporate ladder and achieving the success you desire. Getting your reputation to that...

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How to Ensure Your Job Security

These days, hanging onto a good job can be a dicey proposition.  Layoffs are ongoing, unemployment is on the rise, and despite assurances by the government that things are turning around, the job market does not seem to be improving.  Because of this, many...

How to Design Your Home Office for Ultimate Productivity

Ideally, your home office wouldn’t be in your house at all.  That way you could avoid the many distractions that accompany working from home, such as hungry kids, barking dogs, ringing phones, and that nagging feeling that you should be cleaning up the...

World Map
Following your Roadmap to Success

When you're on the path towards a successful outcome, in whatever endeavor you're attempting, it's easiest to follow a roadmap, isn't it?

In some cases, there are tried-and-true methods to assist you in achieving your goals. In...

The Tulip Staircase, by hisgett
Incremental Gains

if you're climbing hundreds of stairs, you can do one step at a time, one flight at a time.

If you have a a river flowing continuously over and through stone, eventually you'll get a Grand Canyon.

If you offer many items for sale on an e-...

Hevajra Mandala, by Wonderlane
Getting Over your Self-Doubt

One of the things that separates a successful person from a less-than-successful person is their approach to failure, despair, denial, obstacles, challenges, and issues.

With those kinds of things in the way, many people give up... Perhaps 1 in 10 people will...

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Play by the Rules of the Game

When we're playing a board game, most of us have an understanding of the rules.

In Monopoly, you know that you're going to be purchasing property and building. In Clue, you're finding a weapon, a room, and a perpetrator. In Chutes...

Uncommon Places to Look for Startup Funding

Have a small business but don't want to go the traditional investment/loan route through a bank or venture capital firm? You might want to try these uncommon sources of funding first:

Corporate Sponsorship


Food Preparation, Seattle Municipal Archives
Preparing for a Disaster

I live in a lowlying coastal area, on an island, and I am well aware of the sensitivity and fragility of my environment. Any kind of disaster like a typhoon, tsunami, volcano, monsoon, or earthquake would be devastating to my region, and I'm sure you feel the same...

Zenni glasses
Focusing your Vision with a Good Pair of Glasses

With my middle-aged eyes, I find that I require a much larger font size in my books, electronic screens, and cell phones. I also need my glasses if I want to review anything in detail for my work as a web developer -- no more miniscule teeny-weeny fonts on artistic...

big questions, by [f]oxymoron
Twenty Questions, just for fun

1. Today, you’re feeling mostly _____________

2. Your best marketing tool is _____________

3. First job? _____________

4. Any tattoos? _____________

5. Beverage of choice? _____________

6. Where/how do you meet your...

Windmill, by Pazleonel
What to Do when your Situation isn't Changing Fast Enough

If you don’t feel like your situation is changing fast enough, it’s actually time to slow down.

What do you want?

Who do you want to be in the world?

Define who that person is (consider writing an opinion piece...

Seagull, by Keven Law
Getting out of your own Way

As women, sometimes we put our own roadblocks in front of us. The more we become successful, the greater the challenges that face us. And, incredibly, the larger the obstacle in our path, the more life-affirming, creative, and energizing is the solution --...

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Hearty, Easy 5-Minute Meals

I’d like to share with you some of my hearty, easy 5-minute meals that I love to prepare when I’m in the middle of a busy day.

Prep ingredients before the week starts and have everything ready for your meals: just assemble and go.


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Successful Life Coaching Business Strategies You Can Apply In Your Own Life Coaching Career

We always desire for our life coaching business to succeed. However, not all life coaches are where they want to be now. The challenge is to move from that situation to another direction where the life coaching career can grow further. The following strategies may just...

Victory, from the Chrysler Superbowl 2011 Commercial
If You're Going to Fail, Fail Spectacularly

It's one thing to have a series of little failures along the way -- you can usually deal with a missed appointment, a broken friendship, a bounced check, or a small flaw.

It's quite another thing entirely to have a spectacular failure -- something that...