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Meredith Xavier - Ligné Agency
Keeping Motivated as a Young Entrepreneur - Meredith Xavier

Based in Los Angeles, with satellite offices in São Paulo and Houston, Ligné Agency is a business development PR firm focused on the interior design industry. What makes the agency so special is the ambitious Meredith Xavier (formerly Meredith Moore), who...

Zenni glasses
Focusing your Vision with a Good Pair of Glasses

With my middle-aged eyes, I find that I require a much larger font size in my books, electronic screens, and cell phones. I also need my glasses if I want to review anything in detail for my work as a web developer -- no more miniscule teeny-weeny fonts on artistic...

The Importance of Keeping FOCUS

For all successful and success-oriented women, the one prioritized action item I recommend you do is FOCUS your efforts.

By FOCUS, I mean:

F – Follow your passions
O – Overcome obstacles
C – Continue your Growth
U –...

Identifying your Core Activities

How does your day flow? Where does your time go? Are you aware of how much time you are spending doing which tasks?

A typical day for me consists of my five main activities:
1) Thinking, reading
2) Researching and writing
3) Organizing and...

Follow the Path and Go Straight to your Destination

I'm re-reading some of my favorite books from Paulo Coehlo: this time it's his first novel, "The Pilgrim", which is about his road through the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela.

There is an interesting section when his guide gives him a talking-to, and he...

Will Smith on Success

I always love to learn from other people, and my coach Rob Seidenspinner of Sage Circle Coaching recently sent me this video of interview clips with Will Smith, the actor and entertainer.

Smith's articulateness and eloquence about his beliefs shows you...

Four Hands
Lessons in Success: #8 Testimonial Time

Testimonial Time: Let's face it, a third-party recommendation will always win over an unknown or random referral. For example, for the job-seekers among us: your friends, work associates, and other connectors that you know will be better sources for potential paid...

FOCUS: How to Focus your efforts

At a talk I gave recently, I encouraged audience members to FOCUS on their own values and goals: I believe that the innate tools that you have inside of you will help guide your actions and, in turn, create your reality. This applies to both your business and your...

Colored Pencils
Lessons in Success: #7 Continuous Learning

We are blessed with the ability to continue learning, even until late in life. Learning may happen through continuous education, through reading books, and through expanding our experiences.

If you are taking a class or a seminar on an ongoing basis, good for you...

Lessons in Success: #6 Maintaining and Growing your Friendships

Right now, I’d like you to take a moment to think about your different circles that you move in.

We are all in friendly relationships with people who mirror our own ideals and aspirations, and our circles are great indicators for our own level of self-esteem....

Lessons in Success: #5 Assembling your Dreamboard

A physical manifestation of your idea is necessary to remind your subconscious and to give your brain some active image to focus on, so go ahead and take your list of basic desires from our last...

Lessons in Success: #3 Clear your E-mail Box

Today, go through your in box in your e-mail, and organize by date. Anything that’s more than six months old that hasn’t been addressed and is unimportant, delete now! The additional clutter of overstuffed e-mail boxes causes many of us heartache and dismay...