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Posted items related to integrity

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

    Your customers, clients, and associates want to know the "real" you. They want to know if they can trust you.

    They want to know if your book will truly help them with their needs, or if your product will help them succeed, or if your service will answer their...

  • Ten Steps to Manage and Protect your Online Identity

    These days your Google search results are your resume (or so some would have you believe).

    I use Gravatar to add a photo near my comments, and I keep my online profile up-to-date on most of the channels...

  • Values

    We believe in the following Seven Pillars, and we do our very best to abide by these values as we move forward.

    "We are all creative, resourceful, and whole." - Coach Rob Seidenspinner


    1) Create a Compassionate World


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