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Thirty Steps, Handbook 3
Thirty Steps to Starting your Green Business

Thirty steps on how to start an effective, profitable green business. E-version with instant download. The straightforward, easy-to-use tips in this book guide you through the startup phase of building a green business and creating a thriving, sustainable, eco-friendly...

Roll of bills, by amagill
The Key to Building Net Worth

In the United States, it’s commonly known that retirement planning is a good thing.  Many employers offer retirement benefits, government agencies offer pensions, and Americans are generally encouraged to save money for retirement.  If the general...

Looking out Binoculars
My Top Ten List of what Every Child Should be Able to Do

As I watch my children grow, it amazes me how much our parental involvement influences us  -- we learn deeply from how we are taught and I try hard, every day, to give my kids a fair, honest, and straightforward approach to what I think they need.

I was...

Photo Credit: NASA
How to Make a Difference

I believe that many of us are starting up, and supporting, green businesses, because when it boils down to the basics we have a great deal of respect for doing the right thing.


There is so much poverty in the world. Many people do...

Identifying your Core Activities

How does your day flow? Where does your time go? Are you aware of how much time you are spending doing which tasks?

A typical day for me consists of my five main activities:
1) Thinking, reading
2) Researching and writing
3) Organizing and...

Advice for a Successful Life

Advice for a successful life:

1) Know, at your deepest core, what your life purpose is.

Having knowledge about what you are here to accomplish gives you peace of mind, certainty, and comfort. Your life purpose  guides you...

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Succeed by Breaking Your Big Goal into Smaller Chunks

If I told you that you needed to make a million dollars, could you do it? Why or why not?

.... while you're working on the ideas of why or why not, here are some brainstorm ideas to get you started on the "how" --


What's in my Toolkit? The Tools I Personally Use

I'm often asked what kinds of tools I use in my daily work, web development, and writing tasks. Here's a sample of the types of tools and websites I use on a regular basis.

Macbook running Mac OS 10.5.6
Digital Rebel Canon...

Business Infrastructure - for Beginners

Are you self-employed? just starting out? Are you with a startup? Thinking about freelancing? Doing your own thing "on the side"? Recently laid-off and need a product or service up and running in the next thirty days? You're in business, ladies. Let's figure out your...

Lessons in Success: #13 Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness runs counter to what much of the typical Western go-go-go culture requires.

We run from dawn to dusk, never taking ten deep breaths to focus ourselves, listen to our hearts, and just be within our environment.

I encourage you to...

Lessons in Success: #12 Measure what you want to Improve

Measuring a benchmark always improves it. This is *always* true if you’re focused on attaining your goals. Whatever you measure is going to improve: so, if you want to improve, measure the correct number!

What is your correct number to measure? This depends on...

Drink water
Lessons in Success: #11 Drink Water

We are made of water.

Now is a great time to institute a policy of drinking water every day.

Go ahead and get up, pour yourself a glass of water, or get a large water bottle and bring it to where you’re sitting.

When we drink water, we help rehydrate...

Lessons in Success: #10 Expand your Network

This is one of a series of "lessons on success". This particular lesson is very important to me and ties in with the idea that we all work, live, and share in concentric circles of community.

Your current circle of friends determines to a large...

Four Hands
Lessons in Success: #8 Testimonial Time

Testimonial Time: Let's face it, a third-party recommendation will always win over an unknown or random referral. For example, for the job-seekers among us: your friends, work associates, and other connectors that you know will be better sources for potential paid...

Colored Pencils
Lessons in Success: #7 Continuous Learning

We are blessed with the ability to continue learning, even until late in life. Learning may happen through continuous education, through reading books, and through expanding our experiences.

If you are taking a class or a seminar on an ongoing basis, good for you...

Your Million Dollar Goal Deserves Your Million Dollar Idea

The world overflows with abundance, and there are many ways for you to be able to share, create, add value, and be prosperous. When listing out goals for the new year, many people decide that they'd like to be millionaires, and they often take steps like investing in an...

Take the First Step
The Road to Achieving Success Starts with your First Step

In my experience, any kind of big goal, like Achieving Success, means we all must first clearly state our desired results. This means identifying the Big Goal: what's the overall picture?

What does achievement of this goal look like?...

Lessons in Success: #6 Maintaining and Growing your Friendships

Right now, I’d like you to take a moment to think about your different circles that you move in.

We are all in friendly relationships with people who mirror our own ideals and aspirations, and our circles are great indicators for our own level of self-esteem....

Lessons in Success: #5 Assembling your Dreamboard

A physical manifestation of your idea is necessary to remind your subconscious and to give your brain some active image to focus on, so go ahead and take your list of basic desires from our last...

Lessons in Success: #3 Clear your E-mail Box

Today, go through your in box in your e-mail, and organize by date. Anything that’s more than six months old that hasn’t been addressed and is unimportant, delete now! The additional clutter of overstuffed e-mail boxes causes many of us heartache and dismay...

Women on Phone
Talking about Dreams

Dreams are really the only thing that motivates us — meaning, it is our unconscious, subconscious belief of how the world works that will impact our daily reality.

If you, in your most wildest dreams, believe that you are capable of doing and achieving your...

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