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  • Visionboard Process - How to Create one

    I believe that everything gets built twice - first in our minds/hearts/spirits, and then second in our physical reality.

    If you have a dream, a vision, or a goal, I encourage you to detail it as much as possible. Envision what that truly looks like and feels like. As you gain clarity...

  • You Create It

    I receive ongoing updates from "The Universe", which is a great e-mail reminder service from TUT's Adventurers Club, at

    This past one was great, and I want to share it:

    Whatever you focus...

  • Do Dreams Come True?

    I’m collecting stories of dreams that really do come true: In all of these stories, I see common threads, including the use of:

    + Vision boards (to visualize what the dream is)...

  • Talking about Dreams

    Dreams are really the only thing that motivates us — meaning, it is our unconscious, subconscious belief of how the world works that will impact our daily reality.

    If you, in your most wildest dreams, believe that you are capable of doing and achieving your highest potential, then that...

  • Believe

    Have faith and Fear not. Belief in your own God-given abilities is a true gift, and the ability to accept your unique skills and talents, to own them, and to use them to fulfill the world's need is the mission of each of us alive today.

    When you believe, you are able to do all things....

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