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Project Managment
How to stop your project costs from over-running

Cost and time over-runs affect most projects to some degree, whether they be large-scale public works or relatively minor software implementations. Often these over-runs can be foreseen and taken into consideration, but if not then they can be ruinous.


Grand Opening, by marco1019
Seven Steps to Setting up your Retail Store

Are you ready to make the leap and create your own retail environment? If so, it's time to put in place your plan. Do you have an existing craft or hobby you'd like to find new customers for? Do you have an online business that you want to put into a popup...

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Five Tips for Taking Care of your Health

Women approaching middle age have challenges in terms of staying fit, strong, and healthy, taking care of nutrition, and having a wellness-focused lifestyle. Common stressors at this age (35 to 55) include family issues (...

Managing Your Time Effectively


Whether you split your time working in an office and caring for a family in your off-time, you work from home in order to raise your kids while bringing in a second income, or you are focusing on your career now so that you can plan for a family...

Wedding Portrait
Wedding Day Planning: Four Steps to Make it Fabulous

The wedding service and vows, your attire, the location of the service and reception, and decorations: if your big day is coming up, start planning for these four items at the very beginning. This will...

Getting Through Holiday Travel


For most people, the nostalgia built around the family togetherness of the holiday season is enough to bring a smile to the face and a warm flush of joy to the heart; but the prospect of spending hours or even days trapped in a car with the entire...

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How to Plan a Wedding While Working Long Hours

For most women, planning a wedding is both a stressful and enjoyable time in their lives. But how, in a 9-5 world, can you keep your wedding from taking over your life? For those of us with a full time job, other than wedding planning, the task can be quite daunting....

Why You Need to Start Planning for Your Future Now

You’ve probably heard plenty of people say that you’re not getting any younger.  When you’re 20 or 30 it is easy to ignore this warning; you’ve got all the time in the world!  But once you hit 40 or 50 and begin to realize that...

Mobile Phone, bfishadow
Preparing your Business for Mobile Integration

If your business has a plan for mobile device and geo-location, congratulations - you're ahead of the curve. For new businesses and organizations, now it the time to consider how to integrate a mobile version of your website or application into your existing...

Burning Money
How to Make Sure Your Business Isn't Losing Money

There is a tendency in business to focus harder on bringing in more revenue than reducing waste.

The fact is, many businesses (perhaps yours included) make some of the same mistakes that cost them big money every year for no other reason than negligence and...

Being Proactive, not Reactive

Many of us are in constant "reactive" mode rather than in proactive or visionary mode. For example, at your current job, did you just "fall in" to it? or did you actively create it?

In your current house or apartment, was it just available, or did you identify...

Five Ways to Integrate Social Justice into your Business

Here are five ways to integrate social justice into your company practices. Consider integrating these into your mission statement and encouraging others at your place of work to engage on developing a company-wide social justice mission statement.

5) Go...